How Does It Work?

You spend two half-days with our web designer, with a break of a week* in between the two sessions to reflect on the work done in the first session and prepare for the next.

You bring along content plus any photos or images you want to use. A site with lots of information and good quality images willlook more appealing to your audience and have a better chance of doing well in search engine results.

Our ground-breaking process allows you to approve the design there and then. You will learn how to update and add to your website in the future. Having this control gives you flexibility for the future and gives your customers a better impression if your website stays up to date.

AlexBy building your site in the WordPress open source content management system rather than a proprietary system that is exclusive to us, you are not tied into us in any way once your website is complete. We certainly hope you will stay with us – but because you want to, rather than because you have to!

WordPress also gives us the flexibility to offer you great features at a low cost. You may want to include social media features, or a gallery with a lightbox feature that makes the most of your images.

* If you’re worried that you may not be ready for the second section after just one week – we are flexible, but one week is the normal timeframe that we recommend. We just don’t want to lose too much momentum and have the project drag on because that doesn’t work well for anyone. We’re nice, flexible people and we won’t be holding you to exactly one week if that doesn’t work for you!