Assessments and Treatments

Treatments Overview

Assessments last up to 1 hour which is necessary to discuss your current problems in relation to your past experiences.  Some clients find it helpful to bring some notes along to the appointments to aid the discussion.  We will then discuss a treatment plan which may include appropriate medication and importantly the most appropriate psychological treatment or psychotherapy treatment. I am fortunate to work with a small group of experienced psychologists and psychotherapists from all disciplines. We work very closely with each other and this ensures your therapy is heading in the right direction. Sometimes I see clients myself for cognitive analytic therapy (click here to learn more about this form of psychotherapy)

Select your treatment:

Unsure of Which Form of Therapy you Require?

I realise it is extremely difficult working out which form of therapy is right for you. On a daily basis I see clients who have not received the appropriate form of therapy for their needs.  Therapy can be costly so it’s very important we work out the most efficient form of therapy for you. Within my experience as a private psychiatrist, I have discovered the most efficient form of therapy is created by tailoring a treatment plan to a client’s precise needs.

General Practitioner Referrals

If you have a general practitioner, it is beneficial for your holistic care for your G.P. to refer you to me.  Nevertheless, in some circumstances, this may not be an option, and you may wish to contact me directly.

Additional Therapy

As well as being a consultant psychiatrist I am trained in cognitive analytic therapy and I am experienced in other forms of therapy such as:

  • Psycho dynamic therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • Mentalisation therapy
  • Eye movement desensitisation therapy (EMDR)

Inpatient / Day Care Treatment

The majority of my clients can be treated successfully on an outpatient basis.  However in some instances inpatient or day care treatment may be required.  Please note I am not employed by any hospital to promote their services. Hospital locations for inpatient or day patient care (when required) are very carefully considered by me to promote the highest standard of patient care


Daytime, Evening or Weekend Appointments

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